Where To Next? Why Changing Up Your Routine Cruising Plan Is Healthy

You’ve done the Med. You have seen the cascading cliffs of Positano and felt the salty air while breezing through the Greek isles. Dined under lemon trees in Capri and even drank delicious lemoncello produced from them. It was fabulous, but repeating those experiences may only take away from the power of having had experienced them in the first place.

What does that mean? Well, we vacation not only to escape life and rest from our busy day-to-day lifestyle, but also to savor the sensations of something new and exciting. To really sink into the joys from experiencing all of the above and give meaning to them is important for your mental health. And sometimes, repeating them year after year simply makes them less…special. And nothing stale can ever be truly delicious.

So what new destination for your next vacation may reach all of your adventurous or R&R needs? Where could you enjoy the luxuries onboard your (or chartered) yacht, supported and pampered by a talented crew?

Well, there’s one region within the not-so-mainstream cruising path that continues to surface in conversations with the staff at Dockside.ai: Northern Europe.

Clients and Crew have recently been praising the northern countries in Europe and, though it’s not a “new” location, it’s just starting to really catch on. Those who have dared to venture to these different lands have just as much enjoyed sitting with their morning cappuccino in front of the indescribable mountainous backdrop of Norway, or wandering the quaint seaside towns in Sweden for unique shopping treats. Some of these ports have even reminded visitors of the Portofinos and St. Tropez’ of the Mediterranean, with their charm and delights.

The cuisines and dining in cities such as Bergen, Norway, or Denmark, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, Sweden, have impressed and evoked new fans. The unique delicacies and methods of preparing such palate-friendly meals like reindeer meatballs with lingonberry sauce has yet to turn away any of the Foodie clients. Plus the chance to immerse in new cultures is certainly a story to tell your social circle at upcoming events.

What this newness can inspire is a joy that routine and repeated experiences only stifle. After all, isn’t vacationing away from everyday routine the whole point of our love for escapism?

Dockside clients are always encouraged to get off the beaten path and cruise down the possibility of new adventures, different scenery, and countries with a diverse style. And every time they have, the feedback has continued to roll in, long after the vacation ended. Go off course and see what someplace unfam

Written by:Dianne Verga
August 6, 2020